A young rhino stomps playfully along the parched terrain of Etosha National Park in Namibia. A dusty sun sets in the background as a group of calves emerge to gallop around their mother and wallow in the muddied pools nearby, cooling off their armored hides. It’s a splendid scene of wildlife, but also one that is threatened. These beautiful animals are heavily hunted for their horns — and, while this activity is illegal, it is still ensuing. Today, there are only five species of rhinoceros that still share the earth with us; as their population’s endangered status nears extinction, we must do our part to bring awareness to such scenes. To help protect the rhinos, you can educate yourself on the issues faced by the species, volunteer with a rhino conservation project, or donate to the rhino protection organization of your choice — every effort counts. (

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bpx4y9hbbgr

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