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Stone Fox Bride

Over Christmas break last year I spent a lot of time sitting in my Dad's hospital room in the Bone Marrow Transplant Ward watching him sleep. He'd received new stem cells in mid-December and we were hoping they'd engraft onto his bones so that he'd be healthy enough to return home to my Mom by Valentines Day. S., my favorite nurse, used to tell me that the fact Dad could fall asleep in my presence was a good sign. "A lot of parents who have leukemia won't let themselves sleep in front of their kids," she would say. "They feel like they have to entertain them." She told that one of her cancer patients had been in the hospital for a whole year. She said he had kids in high school who visited him once a month — and when they did, he would stay up all day dazzling them with all his energy — then get sick with exhaustion afterward. I thought of that man this Thanskgiving as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. I wondered if he was still alone. I wondered if he was still alive. My own Dad fell into a coma in the ICU one week after Christmas last year, then died a few days into the New Year. When he started chemo in September 2017, he shared a room with a dying man who received last rites in the middle of the night. He called me, hushed and frantic: "last rites!" he whispered into the phone. "he's receiving last rites!" and I thought, "you will never be the dying man, Dad," but then four months later he was. As we enter the next six weeks I am holding space in my head and heart for all those spending their holidays inside hospital walls. "It is always a matter, my darling," says Richard Wilbur," of life or death, as I had forgotten. I wish what i wished you before, but harder." @mollyrosenguy #cluboflostdaughters #stonefoxride

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