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Stone Fox Bride

Fun fact(actually not fun at all): "I don't think I'll still be married when this book comes out," I told my agent the week before she sold the #stonefoxbook. It was June 2014. I got pregnant with my 2nd daughter that same weekend. 3 weeks later, Spiegel and Grau bought "Stone Fox Bride: Love, Lust + Weddings for the Wild At Heart". It was a bad summer. Popping Zofran, barfing in paper bags on the subway, my home life was a claustrophobic cocoon of silent scorn + morning sickness. We were growing tomatoes on the patio, and the kitchen was littered with bruised, overripe tomatoes and I was newly pregnant and I hated the man I loved and the whole apartment was airless and stifling and smelled of spaghetti. (To this day, the smell of tomatoes makes me sick). Writing a book about marriage, selling engagement rings, bridal gowns + being the IG poster child for the cool wedding world when I was on the verge of pulling a "Kramer versus Kramer" was tough. When my baby was 8 months old, my husband moved out of the house. When she was 11 months old, he moved back in. A year later, he left for good — the day before I handed in my final book edits. So at the 25th hour, I added this part to the manuscript: "Instead of vowing to sleep in each other's arms, why not vow, 'if one of us no longer loves the other, we vow to detangle ourselves from the marriage with dignity + grace so as to cause the least amount of harm to ourselves and others?" Promoting a book about weddings and marriage while keeping my divorce a secret sucked. But it's officially been a year since my book came out and I'm here to tell everyone who hasn't read it that you should! Don't be fooled by the pink cover. Aside from cool stuff about flowers and gems, this baby is full of dark beautiful essays about lust + loss+ sex + drugs + diamonds + heartbreak + best friendship + penises + loss + the discomfort that is the daily practice of "love". My fave is the last essay: "And Then They Live Lived __________ Happily Ever After". Link to purchase in bio! If you already read, write an amazon review! Or let me know what you thought in comments. I worship the feedback. #stonefoxrites #stonefoxride

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/brd9fregjqy

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