Hochzeit - Corbin Gurkin

Corbin Gurkin

A beautiful week in Tokyo - Yesterday I pushed myself to make artful decisions at @tulipinadesign workshop in Ueno. I admittedly started the day a bit out of my comfort zone. The light wasn’t good. It was plain bad actually. The venue - which was beautiful - was plagued by a steady deluge of rain. I knew “what could be” on a day with magical light and I was feeling stunted by a lack of confidence to accept “what was”. Dark. Grey. Damp. Yesterday was so luminous...today...why?! But of course, still feeling inspired by Kiana’s saturated florals and this blue grey @inesdisanto gown that suited the mood, I decided to embrace the grey, light this scene, and abandon the natural light that was failing me. The look is a little different but I like it all the same. Kiana always pushes me to think as an artist and find the shot even if that means something different. Thank you to such a lovely group of students - I’m repeatedly blown away by your talents. @quissy @aidenfloralatelier @37momoko . . . . . #tulipinatokyo #tulipinaworkshop #JapanWeddingPhotographer #TokyoFlowers #inesdisanto #editorial #fashionphotographer #floralinspiration #destinationweddingphotographer

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/breua_gle73

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