Hochzeit - Laura Hooper

Laura Hooper

Want to learn modern calligraphy in person with us this Spring? In less than two weeks we’ll be in Chicago where the morning session is sold out & the afternoon session we added is half way full! After than we’ll be back in our Alexandria studio & there’s just 1 seat left in the morning session {update: this one sold out!}, so we just added an afternoon class & there’s another in June. Following that we’ll have stops in Austin, Dallas, Orange County, San Francisco & NYC. - Head to lhcalligraphy.com/workshops & get yourself signed up! There’s also a video sneak behind the scenes so you can see what our classes are like & hear from beginners just like you. - We can’t wait to meet you in person! #lhcvideos

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bt_wldnbje8

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