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Amaryllis Inc.

Nothing but blue skies!! Happy 30th Amaryllis!! Today marks our thirty year journey in the floral and event industry where it all began in a small little hotel basement in DC in 1989. It’s been a wild, tough, nail biting joyous and fantastic ride!! We would like to thank the wonderful wonderful clients that have entrusted us over the years to create the special landmark moments in their lives and of course thank the dazzling creative partners over the years that have challenged and collaborated with us. We tip our hats and raise our glass to the remarkably talented individuals that have dedicated their craft, skills and passions as part of the growing and evolving Amaryllis team. Kudos and cheers to all! We are truly blessed and look forward to continuing the strive for excellence, beauty, smart business, and community in our industry. Many many thanks!! #amaryllisinc #teamamaryllis #laboroflove #happy30 #hardworkpaysoffs

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bvb0hwfltuc

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