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Laura Hooper

Not sure what your next step should be once you’ve learn how to use the tools of pointed-pen calligraphy? HINT: sadly it’s *not* jumping straight into writing words! If you’re looking to most quickly create a cohesive alphabet, your next step should actually be letter consistency & then moving into letter connections followed by flourishing. We cover all three in our Beyond Beginner Guide available in the Education section at lhcalligraphy.com/shop. - If you’re looking to improve your overall skills in pointed-pen, not specifically focused on an alphabet style, you can check out our 5-week Calligraphy Practice Plan! We’ve got educational options & supplies for calligraphers at all levels & you can click the link in my profile to be pointed in the right direction!! {real ink, wood pen holder & wood pen rest all via the LHC shop}

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bwatpxyhduy

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