Hochzeit - Nancy Teasley

Nancy Teasley

Not my normal post, and one I hadn’t planned on sharing. But I saw a photo this am that made me realize if we didn’t know what we now know, most people probably don’t either. We lost our sweet Ella girl last week, completely unexpectedly. She was only 5, and still a totally young, crazy and a normal weim. She had been eating the green algae from our koi pond. We had no idea it was toxic to her and that it would quickly kill her in a pretty horrible way. We found out that even swimming in water with green algae can kill animals. If I can save anyone from this, I want to. There’s a giant hole in our lives from Ella going way too soon. I loved her so much. Bass and my parents loved her even more. Our sweet, silly, crazy, endearing, goofy Ella. RIP.

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bwmgupdaroo

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