Hochzeit - Christina - Hair Romance

Christina - Hair Romance

More ponytail tips! So I had a few comments and DMs from women with fine hair where the double ponytail won’t work. If this so you, and you really want a giant ponytail - try clip in extensions. I’m wearing extensions in this pic and they make such a different and can blend seamlessly with your hair. Here I’m wearing normal clip in wefts from @irresistibleme_hair (this is an old photo from back when my hair was blonde) But I’ve recently heard of @poni.me who create specific ponytail extensions and I’ve seen them IRL and they look amazing. So if you can’t grow a fab pony, you can buy one! PS. Going through old photos made me wonder if I should go back to blonde though I’m still loving the pink

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bxkh5ujb_dy

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