Hochzeit - Jay Cassario

Jay Cassario

Typically, I wouldn’t buy a prime lens unless it were a f/1.4. Yeah yeah, I can hear a lot of you already yapping about how f/2 is fine. For my style of shooting, and of course depending on the focal length, even if I’m not always shooting wide open I know that if I need to go as wide as f/1.4.... I can. Especially, with a 35mm prime. Knowing the quality of the glass that Leica puts up, the advantages that their f2 glass offers over their f1.4 lenses in micro contrast and overall look, I gave the 35mm Summicron SL a shot. I’ve owned 4 different 35mm prime lenses over the years, this one making 5, and they were all f/1.4. After spending a month with it, I’m blown away by the images that this lens is capable of producing. The 3D look, sharpness, micro-contrast, color rendition, everything. AF is fast, and I basically shot the#is entire session on it. .

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/b9xfqwqlaba

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