Women Dating After 40: Dater Wake Up!

Women Dating After 40: Dater Wake Up!

Yes, Dating Can Be Fun!

Are you among the recently divorced women after 40?

If you fall into this category take heed, be careful and beware.

No, I’m not trying to scare you and talk you out of dating, I promise you that.

But, I am trying to wake you up, clear the fog and help you become aware of the hazards when entering the highway to re-enter the dating world after 15, 20 or 25 plus years of married life.

Pleas understand that I am not trying to be over the top by adding sooo much drama like: Nancy Grace who every night says “Bombshell Tonight, Breaking News, Unleash the Lawyers”, that is not my intention.

I just want to: WAKE YOU UP!

If, you are like most divorced women dating after 40, you are probably sleep walking through this challenging time in you life. The problem is, just like a sleepwalker, you don’t realize you are asleep and that is where it can become a slippery, dangerous road from married to single. Let’s first examine some of the common pitfalls that you may not see, but step into accidentally when re-entering the dating scene.

The most common pitfalls for women dating after divorce are:

• Not being crystal clear about your own values and emotional needs.• Poor self esteem and feeling like a victim when it comes to men.• Feeling painfully lonely and desperate to have a relationship• Negative attitude: All men are jerks, the all cheat and lie.• Paralyzed with fear by the thought of being rejected one more time.• Attracting the bad guys and not knowing how to get rid of them.

You might be asking yourself at this stage in life, “How do men feel about dating a divorced woman?

Or maybe, “How I meet middle aged men?

Or …

“Once I meet him, how do I keep a man interested?

These issues are especially vexing for divorced women after 40:• Throw in the towel, give up and succumb to life alone, without a relationship.• Drown your sorrows in Hagen Das ice cream or other temporary guilty pleasures.• Live on antidepressant medication just to get through the day.• Tell yourself if and when the time is right he will appear.• Do nothing• Do the wrong things• Do what you have always done and expect different results.

Now, I am not telling you this to get you depressed, actually quite the opposite. You see this is the antidote for ‘Waking Up’

Here’s the thing, once you recognize the pitfalls for women dating after divorce you can turn things around in a New York minute (well almost)

No doubt, by age of 40 something you have learned that the best things in life are worth working for. And there is ‘no free lunch’ and all that stuff.

Remember, it is not your fault that you are confused and not sure how to move forward to find a meaningful relationship. Being a successful dater after 40 you don’t get handed a ‘user’s manual’ after your divorce papers are signed and filed.

It comes down to discovering the ‘New You’ and getting clear on your own values, needs and requirements.

Does it take work to get to this kind of clarity? Yes!

Are the results worth the effort? Unequivocally YES

If you are among the group of women after 40 and have a sincere desire to find your perfect mate this time around then check out: “Dating After Divorce, I’m Ready Now What

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just ask yourself, do you deserve to be in a loving relationship?