Wedding Nail #2

wedding photo - Unique Nail Art

Unique Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This nail art gets you thinking with the first look, "how?". This looks so beautiful like the butterflies wings and is so easy to do. The only trick is wearing clear polish and without waiting for it to dry, putting drops of sparkling blue

wedding photo - Blue Ombre Nails

Blue Ombre Nails

Weddbook ♥ This nail art tutorial is perfect for the ones who are searching for something simple but eye catching. It is actually so easy that even a beginner can do it. All you have to do s use a sponge to dab the sparkling part. #sparkling, #nails,

wedding photo - Gold Glitter Nail Art

Gold Glitter Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This nail art is minimal work combination of geometric shapes colored in white gray and black. To jazz up th matte looking black and white look, gold glittery nail polis is used. This way you obtain an elegant and trendy nail design on you

wedding photo - Gray Nail Art

Gray Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ Nail art and tape have become besties of this year. This design also uses tape to clearly divide the colors. The rest is putting black dots and wearing a clear top coat. You can do this at home easily. nails, nail art, manicure, gray, blac

wedding photo - Starry Night Nail Polish

Starry Night Nail Polish

Weddbook ♥ Want your nails to look like a breathtaking starry night? This nail polish is just for you. It is a shiny black with sparkles that can add a little more to your favorite black nail polish. #nail, #nailpolish, #black, #sparkling

wedding photo - Summer Nails

Summer Nails

Weddbook ♥ If you are having a vacation near the shore these are the nail designs you should go with. The light shades of blue will be the perfect choice for summer nails. These are the designs that you can be inspired from. summer, nail, art, design

wedding photo - Neon Nails

Neon Nails

Weddbook ♥ This is a nail art which speaks for your summer spirit. It contains the popular symbol of summer, palm trees on each finger. The trees are painted with neon colors on white base coat which makes the icons pop on the nails. nail, art, desig

wedding photo - Unique Nails

Unique Nails

Weddbook ♥ Nail art has taken a step into the world of minimalism. This year partially painting nails and stripes are the most popular. This design is a good example of this trend and easy that even a beginner can do. #nail, #nailart, #naildesign, #m

wedding photo - Easy Geometric Nail Tutorial

Easy Geometric Nail Tutorial

Weddbook ♥ This is an easy nail art tutorial that everyone can do at home. This nail design is based on geometric shapes which is the easiest do draw on nails. You can also try these combinations with different shapes and color as you like. #nailart,

wedding photo - Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

Weddbook ♥ This is the perfect nail art for beginners. All you have to do is dab the white or light blue covered sponge to the middle of your navy nails. Add white stars using the dotting tool, and a sparling top coat. #galaxy, #nailsart, #design, #m

wedding photo - Tropical Palm Tree Nails

Tropical Palm Tree Nails

Weddbook ♥ A great idea for summer nails is using symbols of summer in your design. In this look, palm trees are used to give a tropical vibe. This is emphasized by the baby pink base color and the triangle nail sticker. #nail, #art, #design, #tropic

wedding photo - Minimal Nail Art

Minimal Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This is a minimal nail art that everyone can do on their own. All you have to do is pain your two nails white and with two different colors putting dots next to each other. The other nails are painted with one of the colors of the dots. na

wedding photo - Summer Nail Tip

Summer Nail Tip

Weddbook ♥ The key to a cute nail art is only two words, light shades. The light shades on your nails help bring out the tanned skin. That is why the light lilac color on this model looks so bright and gorgeous. #nail, #art, #design, #lilac

wedding photo - Rainbow Nail Art

Rainbow Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ How can this nail art not be cute when it has smiling clouds on it? This is the perfect summer nail art for you. The rainbow is a completing touch of this design and it's super easy to do. nails, art, design, rainbow, cloud, manicure

wedding photo - Cute Nail Art

Cute Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This nail art may look like its hard to do but it has an easy secret behind it. The geometric shapes are actually nail decals you can find everywhere. The nails that are partially colored are polished casually, so you don't have to worry a

wedding photo - Nail Art For Beginners

Nail Art For Beginners

Weddbook ♥ If you are a nail art fan but a rookie, you can start with this kind of nails which are very popular this summer. This nail art requires you to paint the nail partially with one color. If the edges look messy, you can contour that part wit

wedding photo - Orange Nail Art

Orange Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This orange nail art tools so elegant and light. It looks a little hard to do by yourself at first sight. By using small tricks, you can actually do it easily. #nails, #nailart, #naildesign, #manicure

wedding photo - Matte Nail Polish

Matte Nail Polish

Weddbook ♥ Matte lips, nails and every other thing is so trendy this year. You don't have to buy every nail polish in matte color. To make your looks matte, you can simply put on this matte top coat. matte, top, coat, nail, polish

wedding photo - White Nail Art

White Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This nail art is both elegant and easy to do. A light flesh color is chosen as the main color of this design. This color is painted on the nails partially and some color is added with stickers and a gray/blue nail polish. nails, art, desig

wedding photo - Vintage Jeweled Rings

Vintage Jeweled Rings

Weddbook ♥ To give a nice look to your hands, you should check out these rings that are so in this year. You can choose jeweled, not jeweled, joint rings all together all in one hand. As you see there is no such thing as too many rings, the more the

wedding photo - Fresh Nail Art

Fresh Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This nail art is totally alive and gorgeous. The different patterns on each nail take some time to draw. But the result is definitely worth the work. #nailart, #naildesign, #nails, #manicure

wedding photo -

Movie night

wedding photo - Dotted Nails

Dotted Nails

Weddbook ♥ The new trend in nail art is to make it minimal. People are wearing partially polished and dotted nails all the time. This is a beautiful inspiration for the ones who like to follow this trend. nails, art, design, manicure, minimal, point,

wedding photo - Geometric Nail Art

Geometric Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ Geometric patterns are used frequently in nails art because it is the easiest to paint. In this design different parts of the nail is painted different colors and the imperfections are concealed with a black line. This variation is fit for

wedding photo - Triangle Nail Art

Triangle Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This nail art is super easy and fun to do. You only need two color and a sticker that has the shape of triangles. Everyone can obtain this neat and elegant nail art without breaking a sweat. #nails, #art, #design, #manicure, #triangle

wedding photo - Spotted Toenails

Spotted Toenails

Weddbook ♥ This is an easy nail design that can up your pedicure game. Spots are always one of the easiest choices in nail art. They are small too so you can easily fit them in your small toenails. small, toenails, pedicure, spots, art, design, nail

wedding photo - White Nails

White Nails

Weddbook ♥ White nails are one of the most elegant choices for the summer. To make it a little more exciting and unique this design can be tried. This nail art has a curve at the beginning of the nail which is left unpolished. white, nails, art, desi

wedding photo - Ombre Nail Art

Ombre Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This an easy nail art tutorial which can be done by anyone at home. It has a perfect result of an sparling blue ombre. The key to this look is using a make up sponge for the sparkling part. #nailart, #design, #ombre, #sparkling

wedding photo - Red And White Nails

Red And White Nails

Weddbook ♥ When it comes to nails and lips, you know you can't go wrong with red. So this nail design combines the red mark of lipstick and nail polish together. These two create the perfect toenail design for you toe, nail, design, art, red, lipstic

wedding photo - Fall Nail Art

Fall Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ This is the perfect nail art for autumn. It looks a little detailed but this tutorial shows how to draw the fox step by step. Keep in mind, this nail art may be a little challenging for beginners to do. nail, art, design, manicure, autumn

wedding photo - Red Scalloped Nails

Red Scalloped Nails

Weddbook ♥ This is an easy nail art tutorial for you beginners out there. To obtain this sexy look, all you have to do is paint spots and connect them with a thin line at the tip of your nails. The rest is all about enjoying how sexy your ails look.

wedding photo - Black Sparkling Nail Polish

Black Sparkling Nail Polish

Weddbook ♥ Leave your old black nail polish being with something that can add some excitement to it. This sparkling black nail polish is what you are looking for for the special night out. Your nails will shine almost as bright as you do. #nailart, #

wedding photo - Unicorn Nail Art

Unicorn Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ Unicorns have became so popular that every girl is crazy over them. This unicorn nail art is so pretty with the base candy pink color. Drawing the unicorn is the main challenge of this design and requires talent. unicorn, nail art, instagr

wedding photo - Black and White

Black and White

Weddbook ♥ Black and white look good everywhere including nails. This modern minimal nail art is the ultimate proof of it. A matte top coat makes this look what it is, a perfect, abstract piece of artwork that is worth being on the walls of a modern

wedding photo - Sparkling Nail Polish

Sparkling Nail Polish

Weddbook ♥ This nail polish is perfect for the ones who like to draw attention wherever they go. This sparkling blue nail polish is perfect for summer to make your nails look alive. The polish looks extra shiny with the clear top coat that is applied

wedding photo - Navy Nails

Navy Nails

Weddbook ♥ Sometimes, to complete a look, a different design on the nails is necessary. When you wear dark blue clothes, these nails will be a part of your combination. This design is a simple but elegant one that is just right for daily activities a

wedding photo - Geometric nails

Geometric nails

Weddbook ♥ This is one of the easiest nail art ideas you can have.. The geometric patterns on these nails are obtained by the help of tapes. The tape leads to a perfect result but it may take long for some people. nails, nail art, manicure, geometric

wedding photo - Nails


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wedding photo - Fruit Nail Art

Fruit Nail Art

Weddbook ♥ These fruit nails are super cute for summer. They are done on clear nails so it looks simple. You too can use this inspiration for french fruit manicure and obtain delicious looking nails. nails, manicure, fruits, summer

wedding photo - Rose Nail Art For Valentines Day

Rose Nail Art For Valentines Day

Weddbook ♥ This is a detailed nail art tutorial that is designed for Valentines Day. The first step is easy, drawing stripes by the help of tape. The other steps are somewhat harder by means of using color and drawing thin lines. This tutorial expre