Hochzeit Essen & Favor #2

wedding photo - Spring Cobb Salad

Spring Cobb Salad

This spring cobb salad with an herby vinaigrette will leave you wanting more. Be sure to prepare extra toppings so you can continue enjoying it all week long!

wedding photo - Mini Spinach Dip Tartlets

Mini Spinach Dip Tartlets

A recipe for Mini Spinach Dip Tartlets that will impress at your next party. Make tart dough from scratch or make things easier with pre-baked tart shells!

wedding photo - Champagne & Cocktails

Champagne & Cocktails

the glamorous guide to champagne... all you must know, history to guide suggestions for your visit to the champagne region.

wedding photo - Watermelon Frosé

Watermelon Frosé

I made you freaking frosé! AND I CAN’T EVEN DRINK IT. Watermelon frosé to be exact. Watermelon frosé that I want to be my signature drink. An entire pitcher of

wedding photo - Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

Because I know how much you guys LOVE buffalo chicken and I know you all like an easy to make dinner so I've got a new one that just happens to fill both c

wedding photo - Limoncello Sorbet

Limoncello Sorbet

Limoncello Sorbet is an easy, versatile and totally delicious frozen treat.

wedding photo - Sparkling Cranberry Cider

Sparkling Cranberry Cider

No need for alcohol....just dust out those fancy glasses and let your family know they are worth your best! Sparkling Cranberry Cider is fabulous and you can freeze fresh cranberries and mint leaves in the ice cubes.

wedding photo - Só Chinelos

Só Chinelos

A Só Chinelos é uma fábrica que personaliza chinelos para lembrancinhas de festas. Seus convidados vão adorar receber sandálias na pista de dança.

wedding photo - Lemon Brownies

Lemon Brownies

This Lemon Brownies Recipe is amazing. I love a light lemon dessert and this one is perfect! Makes a great Easter Dessert too.

wedding photo - Party


Mini champagnes for the girls while getting ready... great idea for bridesmaids, or even something like baby shower.

wedding photo - Great Ideas

Great Ideas

Frozen bottle cooler with flowers. Love this idea for our engagement shoot.

wedding photo - Wedding


Coffee - Impress Your Guests With These Wedding Favors - Photos

wedding photo - Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts

Personalizada boda / boda. Botes de vela de por MahinaCreations

wedding photo - Spinach Puffs

Spinach Puffs

These are an easy appetizer to put together for Thanksgiving and can be made ahead of time and frozen, which is always is plus. These are simple, fresh tasting