How to Wear a Bomber Jacket, This Spring's Essential

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket, This Spring's Essential


If you've been searching for inspiration, you have it here: two ideas for how to wear a bomber jacket for spring. This light layer appeals equally to both men and women, so it seemed like the perfect topic for a cross-gender photoshoot using this cool couple

All images are from our hometown of Seattle and feature models Sophia Phillips (also a Nordstrom stylist) and her special friend Jesse Brown, the muralist whose works are pictured as well. Photography is by art director Bobby Kelly. Major props go to senior stylist Jodi Taylor for putting together these outfits with commentary and links.

We should point out Sophia's bomber seen above is a men's jacket. When it comes to bombers, "men's" and "women's" aren't that meaningful of designations. Wear what looks right and call it good!

And keep Jodi's words of wisdom in mind.

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-Andrew Matson

Slightly more heavyweight bombers are good transitional pieces between seasons. The quilting is cool on Jesse's jacket here; it's a nice detail and he's accentuating it by wearing the jacket buttoned up. Accessorizing with a beanie is a good move. And you'll notice the hem is unfinished, not bunched up like a lot of bombers; that makes this jacket look more like a standalone coat and less like a layering piece. With Sophia, here, she's wearing a guy's jacket-you can't really tell because bombers are unisex pretty much-and it's slightly oversized on her. To play against the oversized style of the jacket, the rest of what she's wearing is fitted: tighter jeans, cropped shirt; a feminine silhouette contrasting this more masculine piece. These outfits demonstrate slightly more dressed-up ways to style the bomber jacket. These are both pretty dark outfits which are safe bets for office environments. It's like a dressed down blazer, especially a lighter-weight bomber like these. It works with collared shirts: casual button-downs, polo shirts. For guys, I would say point collar or button-down collar. For women a polo is good, a button-down collar is good, crew neck sweaters and simple knit dresses work too. Just make sure the neck lines don't compete. Make sure the collar lays nicely underneath the jacket, and you're not wearing a spread collar dress shirt which would be bulky and awkward. When in doubt, choose a simpler more casual shirt.

-Jodi Taylor

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