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Kat Williams

The Rock n Roll Bride x @veronicadearly wedding planner is now available for immediate shipping! Order today to get yours in time for Christmas (yes, international orders too.) Wanna see inside? Swipe left for a little cheeky preview. A couple of things you should know about the planner: 1. It's completely gender neutral so whether you're in a straight or same-sex relationship you can use it to it's full potential (no leaving massive groom sections blank!) 2. It comes with 12 months of date-free calender pages (meaning you can start using it as soon as you like). Extra pages will be available to purchase separately soon if you need more. 3. Not only is this the perfect place to keep all your wedding planning in one place it's also packed full of advice for every aspect of the planning - from figuring out your timeline, setting a budget, finding a dress, choosing your photographer, booking a honeymoon and SO MUCH more! 4. Postcards, hilarious Veronica Dearly drawings, STICKERS (need I say more?) Yes, this like a modern day Fun-Fax for alternative brides. 5. You could TOTALLY use this as an everyday planner if you wanted to. I'm certainly going to be using the calender to keep track of my life in 2018. So why not grab yourself (or a lucky newly engaged bestie) one of these for Christmas? Link in profile!!

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bczxqxxgwwi

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