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Stone Fox Bride

For years in the nineties I bounced around from NYC to LA trying to be an actress or model or an it-girl...problem is, I was just a bloated + delusional college student constantly told I was too fat, too lazy, too lopsided, too commercial, the list goes on. The irony does not escape me that at the age of 41, years after giving up chasing the dragon in favor of doing what I really love: writing, editing and creative directing all kinds of cool stuff, I was asked to model like the maniac goofball I am for the latest #ModernDayHobo campaign for Hobo bags. Founded by rad hippie single mama Tony Ray in the 1960’s and now run by her gorge whipsmart daughter Koren, its an honest-to-goodness heritage brand bag company rooted in heart, soul and real deal Bohemia. Plus, the day we shot the campaign, my kids pediatrician— a hot French Willem Dafoe lookalike—-showed up onset with his baby and beautiful girlfriend and modeled some beautiful leather backpacks. It was a real “only in New York” moment.... [email protected]

Quelle : https://www.instagram.com/p/bmlk5lcf_no

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