Four Simple Tips to Make Your Engagement Session Rock

Four Simple Tips to Make Your Engagement Session Rock


Once he put a ring on it, its party time! Or planning time! Or both! Right?

Getting engaged is the best thing in the world. You are gushing all the time about how beautiful your left hand looks, you are constantly buying wedding magazines, oohing-aaahing over those gorgeous wedding gowns, and everyone is commenting on your glowing face. Oh, its a beautiful feeling! And, when its time to photograph your engagement, it is very important that you allow all this goodness (and more) to be captured. I mean, why not?

Planning for an epic engagement session is easy. Just follow these four simple tips, and your engagement session is guaranteed to rock!

Tip # 1: Communicate communicate communicate
Start off with an open dialogue with your photographer about the ideas in your mind and work through a game plan to bring those ideas into reality. I can never stress enough how important it is to have a solid conversation about concepts, look and feel of the shoot, and that is exactly what I strive for with my couples. We set up a phone conversation, jot down notes, make inspiration boards and then email each other to make sure our vision, theme and/or any reservations for the session are openly communicated, and that we are well on our plan to creating awesome engagement photos.

Tip # 2: Styling
It is so important to feel good from the inside because when you do, you automatically own each shot in front of the camera. And, one of the quickest ways to feel good is to put on some nice clothes, get some make up on and style up that hair. Yes! And, please don't think it is vain - its actually a psychological phenomena (the getting ready party, that is), which releases dopamine in your brain, the feel good chemical, and gives you the confidence and tons of positive vibes. So, once you have a theme finalized, just pick the colors and style you and your fiancé feel comfortable in, and then voila! You. Are. Ready. When my lovely brides are obsessing about a color or style, I always cheer them on because I know once they wear that dress, they will love it and be comfortable and confident in front of my camera, which is exactly what I want.

Tip # 3: Time of Day
As a photographer, this is perhaps the most important tip I can give you. Light is such a critical element to a good photo - it can actually make or break the whole session. The sun is the harshest during noon, and shooting in harsh sunlight, or when the sun is right on top of your head is unadvisable because it creates too much glare, squinting, and shadows underneath the eyes (think raccoon). The best time to shoot is early morning, right before the sun scoops out, and in the evening, just when the sun is about to set. These two lighting situations create magical light, and rockstar photos. Based on the season, the timings for sunrise and sunset will change, and there are tons of websites that allow you to monitor these times.

Tip # 4: Location
Pick a location that goes hand in hand with the theme you have in mind, i.e., if you want vintage/romantic look, don't expect to shoot in the middle of a bustling downtown. But, you could say, " what if I were to bring props to create the romantic look?" There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but as a photographer, my sincere suggestion is to keep the props to the minimal and allow for the environmental elements to enhance your engagement session. Because ultimately its all about your love for each other, those goofy laughs, and those warm endless cuddles.

Tip # 5: Have fun, relax and trust your photographer
Ha, you weren't expecting a tip # 5, but, hey, just wanted to make sure you were still reading.

Now that he put a ring on it , and you have these awesome tips, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and rock that engagement rock, er, ring!


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