Man Repeller x Robert Clergerie | Paris Fashion Week

Man Repeller x Robert Clergerie | Paris Fashion Week


A while back we told you about a cool social media contest called Clergerie Girls, in which the man-repelling style icon Leandra Medine would team up with Robert Clergerie creative director Roland Mouret to select an Instagram-sourced collaborator for the beloved line of oxfords, wedges, slides and sandals.

Man Repeller's Leandra Medine, Robert Clergerie creative director Roland Mouret and Katy Shayne-ultimate Clergerie Girl
(All party images courtesy Robert Clergerie)

Just before we all convened for Paris Fashion Week, the lucky gal was named-and toward the end of the trip, we got a chance to see the brand's Fall 2016 collection and celebrate at a star-studded, especially well-shod dinner party with these smart, thoughtful women of style.

Because, really, there is something intrinsically smart about every Clergerie Girl.

"Robert, as a straight man, he loves women's power. He is a feminist, " said Roland about the brand's namesake and founder as we walked the styles in the Robert Clergerie Paris showroom. "He wanted to give strength and power to every woman, and we are all the time trying to keep this in the DNA of the brand."

At the same time, for the coming season, Roland and his team looked at three decades- the '40s, '60s and '80s -and integrated the essential vibe of each era into the collection.

Always keeping in mind, of course, the brand's founder.

"This was our way to do now, but I am always thinking, 'If Robert was here, what would he do- how would he do the pearls and the velvet?'" said Roland.

And what, perhaps, would Robert do with a room full of people at Chez Castel -the historic and fashion-annointed Parisian club?

He would probably do just as the Clergerie team did in their celebration of Texas-based Clergerie Girl winner Katy Shayne: seat us all around conversation-starting tables and let the food, drink and guest list do their magic.

Among the esteemed celebrants: Han Chong (above, center) of the London-based line Self Portrait (he and Roland are collaborating on a collection), and legendary superstylist Catherine Baba (below).

Our friend Gilles Assor, U.S. head of Robert Clergerie

And did you know Roland is friends with actress Noomi Rapace (below, left)?

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-Laura Cassidy

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