39 Winter Wedding Wreaths To Add A Festive Touch - Weddingomania

39 Winter Wedding Wreaths To Add A Festive Touch - Weddingomania


A wreath is perhaps the most popular decoration for various holidays, occasions and seasons, many of us buy some or make them at home personalizing the piece. I don't know a person who wouldn't decorate a front door with a wreath for winter, Christmas and New Year. And winter nuptials are no exception, you can rock a cool winter wreath here, too. A wreath is an inexpensive decoration that can be easily DIYed, there are a lot of tutorials on the web, so it's a great idea for a winter wedding not to break the budget.

Winter wedding wreaths can be made of evergreen branches, flowers, fern, succulents, berries - it's up to you and your wedding theme. I'm absolutely sure that there are appropriate wreaths for any wedding theme and style. But do you think that you can only hang them on the doors? If yes, you are mistaken, there are many more other ways.

Wedding Backdrops

Make a wreath of materials you like, add flowers or bold ribbon and use it as a backdrop. It can be a large wreath or a small one above a cozy fireplace surrounded by candles. Wreaths can be awesome everywhere, both inside and outside, and they can be used in the reception, for the ceremony, photo booth or a cake table.

Chair Décor

Decorate venue chairs with wreaths from evergreen branches, faux greenery and add chic ribbon. You may also add a monogram or a sign for the newlyweds' chairs. These wreaths will echo with other evergreen décor of the venue and will add that rustic coziness we love.

Door Décor

Decorating any doors with wreaths is traditional, so take a couple of cool wreaths and hang them on the doors of your venue, church, your home and somewhere else. Besides evergreen branches and various leaves and berries I'd advise to try baby's breath - it's classic, elegant, beautiful and fits most of wedding styles. Add monograms of the couple to them or just leave as they are.

Table Décor And Displaying

Use wreaths instead of centerpieces or incorporate them there. A cool fir or eucalyptus wreath blended with pillar candles can be a nice and budget-friendly centerpiece. Another idea is to display your wedding cakes on wreaths, and you can also top your cakes with the same branches and pinecones.

Other Ideas

Have a dog? Get your pup a cool evergreen wreath instead of a collar, he or she will look gorgeous! Use chic textural wreaths for taking photos outside and inside, they will create a holiday mood for sure. Create decorations of winter wreaths and candles to light up your venue with style.

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