37 Ways To Use Marquee Lights At Your Wedding - Weddingomania

37 Ways To Use Marquee Lights At Your Wedding - Weddingomania


Marquee lights are a huge trend in décor of any kind, they add that sweet vintage flavor and make your space cozier and more inviting. Of course, this décor is widely used at weddings for two above stated reasons and one more - marquee lights are affordable and you can even DIY them if you want. Marquee letters easily match lots of wedding themes and styles including industrial, modern, rustic, boho chic and so on. What are the most popular marquee lights ideas?

Monogram Marquee Lights

Monograms are perhaps the most popular among marquees because they put your stamp on the place and look amazing, whatever size and look you choose. You can put them anywhere: on your sweetheart or dessert table, hang them in the reception area or place them on the floor if they are oversized. The most popular idea is large or even oversized monogram marquees, which bring that wow factor, placed in your ceremony spot or just venue to take amazing pictures. The décor, size and even style of these monograms is up to you, highlight any space with them, they will be clearly seen from everywhere.

LOVE Marquee Lights

LOVE marquee lights are also extremely popular, they really fit any venue and any situation. The most popular idea of placement here is to put or hang there near your sweetheart table, add some lights or candles to highlight the area. Outdoors or indoors, on the walls or floors, large or small, these letters will bring even more love to your big day!

Mr&Mrs Marquee Lights

Highlight your new status with Mr&Mrs marquee letters! They will be super actual on your sweetheart table or on the wall behind it, make them in the colors of your wedding.

BAR Marquee Lights

A bar is an important area at every wedding, so why not accentuate it with cool and bold marquee lights? they can be small or oversized but they will definitely add a cozy flavor to the venue and show your guests where the drinks are.

Other Ideas

Other ideas may include giant hearts, 'I DO' signs, 'DANCE' and 'ELOPED' signs and many others - just realize the ideas that come to your mind and get something unique!

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